Stupid periods and their little fucking Totos.

Ok I don’t get it. As a woman I have to suffer the experience of periods. Ok. I literally bleed and can’t just die like I want to because of it’s happy cousin PAIN FROM THE FUCKING DEPTHS OF PURGATORY! I have to deal with the odd little shit-gibbons of weird and random FML symptoms.

Why the fuck do our boobs have include annoying symptoms to? It’s either painful throbbing like I need to breastfeed all the babies from Octo-mom. Or they just throb and if anything touches them I’ll set in on fire. Or, the latest fun. I have one nipple that is itching like I got attacked by a bunch of wasps. Just the one nipple. And just the tip. That’s it. Just one fucking nipple that makes me look like I’m a fucking monkey playing with herself because I have to scratch the shit out of it.

I want to rip the bitch off and send it back to “can’t adult/woman anymore” play land.

Thank you for playing…. carry on.